A Messy System is the Best For Your Clients

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
When I started consulting. I was worried about showing my clients messy systems. But I realised quickly. It's the best possible solution for them!

My system…is rubbish.

My System has many faults, issues and problems, and most likely wouldn't work for you. It's designed with a lot of flexibility with unclear boundaries and often just looks a right mess!

But that's the damn point.

The system I've built is based on how I work, and no matter how wonderfully organised I am. I'm human.

I have a messy brain that doesn't always work right. So why should my system?

Could this system be optimised, yes and I frequently do so when it's necessary.

Over the past 3-ish years I've been designing systems for clients, there has always been one common denominator.

Sticking to one methodology – rarely works.

It's so much easier to sell a solution, a system, a product that is structured as the one solution. But no matter the tool, the idea when you work with clients is that it's messy. It doesn't work the way you hope, and that you'll build something that works for them.

When you create for yourself – you know how you work. You know your specific needs. But your client has come to you to help them figure it out. Here are three things top of mind when creating a system for a client.

1. Start Small. – Don't create everything at once

2. Be a Coach. Your client needs your support. They need to feel not stupid. Make sure they're seen.

3. Don't Stick to A Script – You can't rely on frameworks with real people. If they aren't as nerdy as you. They'll hate it.

What other things have you noticed?

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A Messy System is the Best For Your Clients?

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