Are you leaving resources on the table with your New Year’s resolution?

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart

Are you getting just a smidge fed up with the typical New Year’s resolution cycle?

You know the one: you think of a goal, something you think you should try, something you should learn, or something you think you should give up…and you feel pretty excited at the thought of what future you will look/feel like once you’ve nailed your resolution.

Only, with every January day that passes, you feel a little less excited, a little less motivated. And by February, you’ve shelved your plans, promising yourself you’ll get to it later in the year.

All of which can leave you feeling really crappy, as you worry that you’re too lazy, not clever enough, not cut out for whatever it was you promised yourself.  

Oh boy, do I feel your pain. I think we’ve all been there at some point on our entrepreneurial journey. 

But, there’s something I’d really love for you to know:

You are not lazy, unmotivated, or any of that harsh stuff your head tried to convince you of. I’d go so far as to say that you’re crazy talented, clever, and absolutely capable of achieving whatever you want in your business.  

In fact, there’s only one real reason that your past resolutions and goals are sitting in the “someday; maybe later in the year” folder:

You’ve been taught to look for your New Year’s resolution inspiration in the wrong places.

All through December and January, Internet Land is awash with blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media posts talking about goal setting for the coming year. And it’s super hard not to get carried away in the wave of excitement.

·       You might find yourself caught up in the dream of building a 6-figure business.

·       Maybe the marketing “gurus” have you convinced that you NEED to start a podcast.

·       Or perhaps you’ve been persuaded to invest all of your spare $$ on an online membership club.

Whatever it is, you feel incredibly excited for the first few days/weeks, but find it impossible to maintain your motivation.

And here’s why:

They probably aren’t your goals.

They belong to other people, to people who work in a vastly different way from you, people who want vastly different things from their work and their life than you do. 

And when you get your New Year’s resolution inspiration by looking for things outside of yourself, by seeking inspiration from the external world, you don’t just find it hard to create goals that can excite you far beyond the start of February, you actually end up leaving a whole bunch of resources, talents, and opportunities on the table.

So how do you facilitate real, long-term change? How do you create resolutions that are so damn exciting, that feel so deliciously attainable you can’t help but feel motivated to work towards them all year long?

You look INSIDE yourself.

You dig deep into your own psyche, and your own heart, and see what’s actually there. Then you work from within that reality. Because when you do that, when you’re no longer imposing things from the outside, and when you discover the resolutions that track with who you really are, you’ll be able to replace the feeling that you’re constantly fighting against yourself with a beautiful sense of ease, efficiency, and confidence.

And I really, truly want that for you. 

So I’d like to offer you my help. Because, while “you just have to know yourself really well” sounds pretty simple on the surface, we all know that figuring out your deepest psychological needs, particularly in a work/career/business context, is anything but.Which is where I come in: because I know that making a big shift in your business means taking a deep dive into both your business AND your self, I’ve created an Intensive Package that helps you do just that — so that when we finally get round to talking concrete strategy, you can be sure that it’s completely tailored to your unique assets and desires.

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Are you leaving resources on the table with your New Year’s resolution??

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