Make The Pieces Work Together

After yesterdays rant, I return back to our regular conversations about making sure the pieces are working together ?

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Jonathan Stewart:

A system works well when all the components are working together. When they all fit together in a way that fits the purpose of the system. However often what I notice, when I start working with clients, is that the components of their systems aren't talking. And are being ignored. In particularly the most important component. You. You are part of the system that you created and often when you take on other people's advice, especially as is common when running a business. You're only taking a half of their system. You're missing the environment that the system they're using is in they probably have other pieces that allow them to work in this way. If you don't have those components, which nine times out of 10, you actually don't, even if you are in the same industry, you do similar things, then it's incredibly hard. If not impossible to make it work. As your needs, adapt things, drop and things change. In terms of creating a system that works for you. It's about trying to create something that fits what you want to do in your business. What you have available to you? It's no good trying to do agency work when there's just you doing everything. You've got a family and don't have much time to help manage both client interaction on the work as well. The pieces of your system should work with each other and you are a piece of that system. It's super important to get clear on what you want. As well as what you actually have the realities of the environment that you are in. We are bombarded every single day with ideas on what systems, tools, and apps we're supposed to use, but it really does lack the context and nuance and doesn't have the most important component to help things work together. When in doubt, always start from you. If you don't want to go along, I'm launching a six month program to help you figure out how to start from you. Reach out to Forward slash. S f y

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