Productivity is Personal

Why do templates suck, because they aren't personal! They aren't design to fit you! In this episode I talk more about how productivity is personal, and what to start with to figure out what your productivity really is!

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Jonathan Stewart:

Productivity is 100% personal. As I mentioned in a previous episode, productivity is about being in service to lead or show up in the way that works for you. How that looks is different for every person. However, if you look at the productivity industry, it's full of quick fixes and templates that will solve everything if you just follow the step-by-step guide! Now, if you're someone who's purchased templates, I have to, this is no shame on you. They aren't completely terrible and they allow you to get started. But it's important to know how to use templates in a way that works for you. Your own personal productivity is far more important than trying to squeeze yourself into a solution that just doesn't work like a lot of the templates out there. When coaching my clients, I often hear the same common phrase. I want to be more productive or I want to be more organized. I need to just sort my shit out. The language used is harsh and robotic as if it needs to be done in a vacuum and you need to behave like an efficiency machine. When you make productivity personal, you move away from forced rigidity. You step away from the idea that productivity is in a vacuum because it isn't. It also means that there are less binaries is when it comes to creating your own productivity and it allows you to find your own way. Start with what you want and what you have both of those work together so that you know exactly what is true, what is realistic with your own productivity! We are bombarded by hundreds of productivity and organizational templates and quick tips and hacks that promised to make us more efficient and effective and organized. But often when you use them, you end up trapped in a spiral of constantly trying to fix what's wrong and make you more better, and keep you from doing things the wrong way, instead of starting from you. If you really want to get more done! Work in a way that's personalized to you instead of relying on hacks and tricks, that just don't really work. If you want to know more. Visit forward slash s f y

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