Redefining Consistency!

Let's return to redefining words again… because I have a ton of fun doing just that ?!

Let's talk about… Consistency and how it's not JUST about doing things all the time!

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Jonathan Stewart:

I wanted to hop back into redefining some words again. As we enter. December. Often, I hear a lot of conversations around consistency. Now this is often brought up when it comes to talk about your marketing. And is translated whether misdirected or not, as you need to post more! Do things at a regular pace, or at least that's what I've seen it being referred to. But if you look at the etymology and meaning of the word consistency, you'll notice it's a little bit more interesting than that. It's an agreement with yourself. Now, this can be time-based similar to how this podcast series I'm doing. I made an agreement with myself to post a short podcast every day for 30 days. Consistency can also mean a host of other things or constraints things like the actual message you're putting out or the platform. What I'm saying is consistency is an agreement with yourself which is denoted by you. But what about making sure your audience know you exist? Which I've heard a lot! Let them know and be clear on what's happening. Consistency is an agreement with yourself and that agreement is completely dependent on what you want and what you have. For example, would I be doing a daily podcast? If I was in the middle of a massive project for a client? No. Would I be doing a daily podcast. If my entire family got ill with something like COVID or other horrible things. No, probably not. Would I be doing a daily podcast. If my energy was completely spent and I had a host of other things to do. 100%. No. The reality of my situation, what I have. Is that I'm in a quiet period of my business. A lot of my clients are at a stage where they're moving on with their journey and are finished working with me for now. It means that I have for the first time in over a year got a little bit more free time. It means that I'm able to shift things around because now I have more capacity. I'm now focusing on different avenues and the reality of my business and life has shifted. Now I know, because I know how I work, that I sometimes have a tendency to over commit. So this means I've developed a super simple system to help me record and publish my podcast in minutes. So no matter what's happening and there have been some weird moments in the past couple of weeks, the effort required is low. I come in, I hit record and I publish. So I've set up my systems in a way that respects the reality, knowing that it shifts. Systems remember aren't static and that is the joy of this. You'll also notice if you're active on either my Instagram and Facebook, that I'm actually posting the transcriptions to this podcast. Will I keep doing this well, most probably, but sometimes I might miss a couple because the agreement that I made to myself, my commitment to consistency is that I'll record and publish a podcast episode every day. Everything else is extra. And that's okay. We are bombarded by people telling us to publish all the time, be consistent every day and they are completely right. Be consistent. But that means being in agreement with yourself. That means knowing what you can do and working with that reality. Instead of forcing yourself into a routine that is just not sustainable. Start from you. Don't want to go to learn. Reach out to me at forward slash s f y

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