The Best Kind of System…

I love hearing from non-systems people about how they don't have a system! It brings joy because they have the BEST systems!

The ones that are invisible, because they 100% work for them!

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Jonathan Stewart:

One of the favorite things I hear from many quote unquote non systems people is the idea that, well, they don't have a system and their business working fine. This makes me so very excited. Once you don't think you have a system. You have a perfect system. Now, obviously there are things that you can do to tweak and improve things like your system. But if you don't feel you have a system and your businesses going in that direction, you want. At least most of the time. Congratulations. You've got an invisible system and they are so much fun and there is so much potential. Now, if you're interested to know more, you don't necessarily have to, but if you are, look for patterns in the way that you work. You'll be able to uncover what you needed to get enough out of your business. Simplicity. I had an old client chat to me recently and she was showing me how she had sticky notes on either side of her. One side for a particular section of things and the other for another. What I adored about this is that it was almost similar to the notion system I made for her years and years ago. It was completely custom designed to the way that my client worked and that has now been extended into her life. Often we talk about tech being one way and non-tech being the other. But you can actually use both because at the end of the day, the best kind of system is the one that is customized and really made to fit you and just because something is customized, it doesn't mean it has to have lots of different things and be overly busy and full of stuff like often what is talked about in the productivity world. Think back to the simple post-it notes on the left and the right. Her notion system started that process of her figuring out how she worked, because that was where she started. But now she's expanded. Beyond that. So even if her notion goes down, something else will work for her. She's able to really work with herself! We are bombarded by hundreds of things each day. People telling us the best form or type of app for productivity. But the best solution is rarely an application instead of something that's based on how we work instead of starting from an app or program that promises something big, start from you. Figure out the way that you work. Need help with that. And don't want to go it alone!, reach out to me at forward slash S F Y.

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