The Disconnect Between What You Want & Have

This topic is one that I ADORE talking about! I am not a motivated person (or at least that's not the entire story!) a lot of my motivation comes between the friction between what I want, and what I have!

This podcast discusses this!

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Jonathan Stewart:

How do you decide what to listen to and take action on? For a long time. I just followed what I thought, which sounds super easy. But for me it never was because I think about a lot of different things. I've got a hundred. Million ideas that I want to take action on. And so deciding where to start feels really overwhelming. Thankfully. I figured out something that works for me. I just consider what I want and go after it. I bring it to life. Or at least that's part of the story. The above probably sounds rather familiar to those who've heard the manifesting conversation go after what you want and it'll appear and everything will be great and amazing. However, in my own experience and the experience of my clients. There's often a piece missing. If you just go after what you want, you're running blind. Because what you want rarely matches what you have, AKA the reality of your situation, what's actually going on for you, what you have at your disposal and also what you don't have, because that's the reality. I want nothing more but to spend each and every day talking to amazing people, helping them with all the things that are stopping them to achieve what they want in their business bringing simplicity to them. However, the reality of my situation is talking to a lot of people every day drains me and I ended up tired the very next day meaning for me it's kind of unsustainable. What you want is one thing. But what you have available to you is also an incredible part of it and they work together. I can't just drop everything and go traveling to speak on stage... although I did go to Portland this year and somehow I ended up doing just that. But I have a family which, oh my God, I would miss them terribly. And it was hard for them as it was for me. I say this not as a victim of my circumstance, but as the reality of the environment I'm in. Now I am completely a hundred percent able to influence my environment, but what you want and what you have are often in direct conflict with each other, there is a disconnect. But the thing I love about the friction between want and have is that it drives me to do something. It drives me to take action. I am often perceived as being motivated, driven even, but that doesn't come because of habits or routines or a task list whether that be my notion or my obsidian. It comes from me knowing what I want and what I have, and the innate friction between the two. It keeps me moving, it motivates me to continue doing things even when, sometimes I'm not really in the mood. For example, this podcast I'm motivated to continue it because I want new clients, test out new formats and work with new people! By being aware of what I really want it allows me to add constraints. As my brain has so many ideas by having these constraints, it allows me to move forward in a direction that fits what I'm looking to do. Now the thing that I absolutely love about this process is this completely non-linear. It's not about do one then two, then three or maybe even three than two than one, or maybe 2, 1, 3, or maybe I could just do three through 3, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2. It's basically based on what I want to do in the moment and what I have in front of me, it allows me to work in that moment. Yes. My dopamine loving friends. We can use the dopamine, follow what we want and have it and match it with what we have. We don't have to try to avoid it or make us better at staying focused. It's about figuring out what we want and what we have, and that friction creates what we do! We all bombarded by hundreds of things each day. So trying to force our brains to focus on the surface, kind of makes sense. But sometimes chasing after just our wants are forcing us to focus in one direction. Causes more trouble than it's worth instead of just starting from one thing, start from the full reality of you and the reality that you are in. Don't want to go it alone reach out to forward slash s f y

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