The Problem With Going TOO FAR Beyond Your Comfort Zone

I read a post on social media about “going beyond your comfort zone”…

I got annoyed, I recorded this episode ?

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Jonathan Stewart:

I saw a post on LinkedIn recently talking about how you should push yourself outside your comfort zone and beyond that comfort zone, where you feel safe and in control, there are three other zones, the fear zone learning and growth zone. The idea behind this post is you should just go beyond your comfort zone and it'll be a little bit uncomfortable, but then as you go beyond that things get better. You'll grow and develop and you'll have no limits. *angry grunting noise???*, This isn't a hundred percent true. In fact, this kind of advice really drives me insane. As it just is lacking so much. If you look into the zone of proximal development which measures the difference between what a student can do on their own versus what they can do with the help of a more knowledgeable. Quote, unquote person. You soon see that there is a limit to how much discomfort someone can take before they check out and what makes this even more important and even more fascinating and a little bit difficult. Is that this can change. It's not fixed. What may feel like a massive stretch and cause shut down one day can be completely easy the next! The idea that you have a comfort zone that is fixed is completely misguided at best. With support, you can go beyond your comfort zone and do amazing things. But it is limited. The post that I read was talking about learning, being the furthest point, which pushes you toward success. This is misguided at best and dangerous at worst. As someone who spent the last 10 to 15 years, recovering from agoraphobia simplified as the fear of going outside, pushing myself has been one of those things that I've had to do on a daily basis. Some days were easier than others. There is a delicate balance. It's okay to push yourself, obviously, but be aware of the way you work sometimes you'll go to far and you may not even realize it. And by having people you trust on your side that can help you move forward and if you have systems in place, it can support you when you have gone beyond your comfort zone and beyond that stage where it's actually gonna help you to move forward in what you want to do. We are bombarded by hundreds of things each day. People telling us to push yourself, to keep going and get yourself out there! go beyond your comfort zone to keep going. But if you're doing it alone, going too far out of your comfort zone can cause nothing, but shut down burnout and put you in a position where you and your business are unable to cope. I love to see people go beyond what they believe they can, but they shouldn't do it alone. Now, whether you reach out to me or somebody else do that. You can find out more about how I can help at forward slash S F Y. And I'd love to play even a small part of your journey.

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