The Slow Process

I love Amazon next day delivery (still haven't got same day yet) as much as the next person! But when it comes to starting from you… I enjoy the slower process! (it's far more powerful!)

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Jonathan Stewart:

I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing minds in the past year. And a lot of the time we've built systems. Creating things to make their business just that little bit easier. So they're not always having to do it and repeat things over and over again. But one thing they often heard was the following. I didn't realize that it was a slower process. In today's world of rapid everything where I can hop on Amazon and order something to arrive the next day, the feeling that things come fast is an assumption that many people have me included. But something I'm realizing on my journey as an, as I work. I work with my clients is that the process is slower. It takes time to craft something that really starts from you. At the end of every episode of the season, I say we are constantly bombarded by so many things. No matter what you do, sometimes it can weigh you down. It's only through a reflective practice where you question your assumptions and the way you work, it can really reveal. What's true for you. The thing is I've rarely seen these conversations happen in the business world because it's not sexy. To. So from, I can't push on pain points to make you buy things. And I wouldn't really want to. It's the slow road. Now the slow road doesn't mean there isn't a feeling of progress because there are so many things that could be solved incredibly simply once you understand the way you work. The bit, I love about my work. Isn't really the tech it's about what it does for my clients. The fact that when they're finished with me, it's not just a quick fix that they'll need to come back in six to eight months time. It's something that's still working. Even now. Hi client. I worked with nearly three, almost four years ago now. And they're still using a slight adoption of the system. I designed for them. Because when you follow the slow road, the progress, isn't something that's built upon shaky ground. It's built from a foundation of them. Which is the one constant that exists in your system? No matter what happens. And they're able to evolve the system they naturally use, and it can shift and adapt with them as they know. What they want. Sometimes going fast feels good, but often it skips the human at the center. You. By starting from you, no matter what happens, you'll have an idea of what you want. Have and can do. Don't want to go in alone reach out to me at simplicity dash forward slash s f y

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