You don’t have to struggle in your business.

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
It's common in business to work hard, the "I quit my 9-5 to work for myself and now I work 24/7" meme is incredibly real. So make sure you get what you want from it!

There is a common belief in business that you've got to “graft” and “work hard” in your business and “earn the right” to be self-employed.

I just wanna say… things don't need to be hard.

They will be tough sometimes, and there is always something for you to do, but your success is not designated by how hard something is.

Some days will require you to do things you don't enjoy but that doesn't mean everything you do has to be things you don't enjoy.

What Do You Actually Want?

Whilst I was growing up a common phrase I heard was:

I wants, don't get…

My Parents.

Whatever reason this stuck with me for most of my life. I brought this up in a leadership program I've been a part of, and one thing that hit me hard:

I believed I shouldn't get what I want.

I thought I had to settle for what other people wanted me to do, even though I had my own wants…

This, as you could imagine doesn't help a lot 😁

It was then I asked a very cheeky question… What do I actually want from my business?

Often when I talk to clients I hear a number of things:

  • I want to transform the lives of 100's of business owners.
  • I want to change X, Y, Z so that others will have XYZ…

They have big audacious goals, that involve changing the lives of others. I want to make big changes to business, I want business to be balanced and allow business owners like you to feel confident working with what you want… but those dreams are missing one key pieces.


I have absolutely no doubt that you want to support your clients, and make their lives better. But to get that, you need to think about you too. You have to go after what you want from your business too. If your business doesn't give you what you want…

I'd suggest you pause and think what do you want…

Do you want to run courses?
Do you want to work 1:1 and long term?
How many hours do you want to work?

If you can create a business that gives you what you want & you are able to show up with all of you. (Even if no one else has done it before…) there is a lot that can be achieved.

Yes.. you will still have bad days, and you'll have to do shit you don't like but don't let others hijack your business whether that be “experts”, clients or even your own family & friends.

Start with what you want and go from there!

When things are feeling hard in your business ask yourself the following:

What do I really want?
Will it help me get what I want?
If not… why am I still doing it?

What you think of:
You don’t have to struggle in your business.?

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