How To Know When It’s Time To Go

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
How do you know - when a system isn't working? A fantastic question and although there isn't one answer. Here are a few things I've noticed...

Tools are great until they aren't. Here's how to know that the tools you're using are no longer serving you – and also good times to check-in with yourself. Apps and software can help us do a lot, however after a time they may end up no longer serving you or your business. Here are the ways you know an app or system is no longer working for you!

Here's a list of things to look out for:

  • You’re struggling to find things easily. Whether it be tasks, projects, notes or whatever, if you're struggling to find things. It's time to revisit and see what you can change!
  • You barely use it. If you're not using the tool, ask yourself why. Depending on the purpose of the software it could be something you set and forget, but if it was an app, you used to open daily, and now you barely look at it…it might be time to go… especially if you're feeling…
  • You experience dread whenever you use it. If you constantly feel dread when you open the tool, it's time to let go. I had this experience myself when I explored ClickUp recently, and although the Recurring Tasks feature was amazing, and helped. I really didn't enjoy the experience of everything else. It was a feeling of constant dread using it.
  • Lack of Trust. If you don't trust the tools, you're using. This is the last nail in the coffin. That app needs to go.

Now this list is a start for checking in with yourself, but these feelings should persist even when the app is working for you, not just when it's not 🙂 – for example I don't dread using Notion (even though it goes down sometimes). I am happy with the feature set it provides me, and it's enough for me!

Trust your gut instinct – if you're having a bad day, step away. However, if you're constantly feeling crappy about the tools you use or the systems you've created for your business.

Consider what a new tool needs to offer you…

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How To Know When It’s Time To Go?

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