Hustle vs Anti-Hustle Culture Rant!

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart

There's no doubt that hustle culture has taken over the business world. Everywhere you look, people are talking about how important it is to hustle and grind if you want to be successful.

But there's also a growing anti-hustle movement that is critical of this way of thinking. These people argue that hustle culture is harmful and that it's possible to be successful without working yourself to the bone.

So which is it? Is there one right way of working? SPOILERS: Of course not..

Now my flavour of neurospicy behavior often means I end up focusing on the hyper specific pieces of advice that's given in business. And often realising that the context just isn't there meaning it's really not helpful.

A good example of this is hustle culture versus anti hustle culture.

Hustle culture which is often seen as the standard in the business space is talking about how you need to:

Optimise everything!

Don't play video games. otherwise you're lazy,

Everything has to have a purpose and lead you to be the ultimate you, you could be!

Days off are for those less organised than you!

Now, obviously I am overemphasising here and will be throughout. But I digress!

Then you've got the opposite, the anti hustlers!

They exist to oppose everything that hustle culture states!

You shouldn't:

Push yourself too hard!

You shouldn't overwork!

You should manage your energy!

You should do only a couple of things at a time!

Now as an autistic business owner. This sucks because I'm actually looking at both sides of this and going: Wait, what the actual fuck is going on!

Do I work hard or do I not?

I love my work, and I love what I do… so does that mean I'm “part of the hustle culture”?

I mean I'm hyper aware that if I work too hard, I'm burning myself out, which obviously I don't really want.

But if I don't work, I can't pay the bills, which means I don't want that either!

So I used to go from one extreme to the other.

I beat myself up for focusing on a new launch and not spending time with my two children and resting. Then when I completely crash… because when I get into things I get super excited and hyperfocus until burnout… I ended up beating myself up for not taking enough time or spending one night a week playing DnD or my local board game club or spending an hour playing a video game where my kids.

It turned into this constant battle with myself, where no matter what I did… it was wrong 😁

Now, for those who don't struggle with this specific neurospiciness, the response is:

Well, that's not what they mean!

Okay. So what do they mean? Because this is why I find binary's so frustrating and unfortunately, it's all that spoken about in the productivity world. Either don't hustle or don't rest him much.

Now, if this resonates with you and you also find this hard… I loved the following take:

As with many false dichotomies, the intuitive assumption may be that the drill sergeant [AKA Hustle Culture] and the Zen master [AKA Anti-Hustle Culture] are opposite ends of a single continuum, and that therefore we’d do best to take the middle road between them. But I submit that these two mindsets are more similar than different in their fundamental assumptions about the nature of human goal-pursuits. In particular, both are ill-suited to the work of building. What’s needed instead is a radically new mindset; one befitting the distinct relationship between a builder and that which they work to build.

What I'm up to… is recognising my own patterns, starting from me and working with the reality of the situation I'm in! I don't need to be one or the other (oh binaries are tough to unlearn), but it's about figuring out what I want, and have in the moment and making a decision based on what I wanna DO!

What you think of:
Hustle vs Anti-Hustle Culture Rant!?

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