I’m No Good With Numbers…

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
What do you say you can't do? How does it restrict you? This post explores what I can't do.

I've never enjoyed it so for the longest time I outsourced to my wonderful OBM who loves it!

But when I started working with a business coach this year she started asking about numbers which frankly (and somewhat embarrassingly) I didn't have a clue guess what she said “I want you to keep track of your numbers.”

But…I'm not good with numbers…

Her reply was simply, “that's fine, because that's why you're so good at what you do. However, I still want you to do it…”I've researched and tried a ton of spreadsheets before – but it never “worked.”.. And wonderfully she showed me what she did – and I was like huh… this is different!

So I thought… what would mine look like.
Now this excited me because I enjoy making things in a way that works for my brain
Now I don't like spreadsheets, so I wanna be in & out as fast as possible. (I couldn't use Notion as I'd mess around too much!)
So for keeping track of my money, I needed something that helped me get in and out as fast as possible, but still told me how much I'm making & spending.

So I created a simple one page per month spreadsheet – that auto categorised depending on if there was a “-” or not. Simple yet effective and when I started using it, it all clicked with me. I suddenly went…
Hey… I'm not that bad with numbers.
I still don't enjoy it, and I'm not gonna become an accountant 😁
But I'm not bad at numbers, because I found the way that works for me
My OBM shared a quote with me recently:

Argue for your limitations and they sure as hell are yours…

Sometimes you just need to do something, but doesn't mean you have to copy what others are doing.
Find your own way to break your limitations.

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