Simplicity VIP Day

1 day.

1 BIG problem.

Results that shift everything for the better.

You Need… To make a big shift in a small amount of time. And you need it to actually matter — as in, it needs to make a tangible difference in your life and your business, both immediately and long-term. 

Something like, say…

Brain-proofing your business...

I’m neurodiverse. Maybe you are too! And the way that business is “supposed” to be done doesn’t work for you. 

Join me and we’ll create the structures + set-ups to get your business working WITH your neurodiverse brain + way of doing things. (Instead of trying to force yourself into working the way you “should” do. Wouldn’t that be such a relief??)

You are Your Niche...

Everyone tells you you’re supposed to be one thing. One niche. One opt-in. One funnel. (Blech.) Just one thing. You are not one thing. And trying to force yourself into the one-thing-box is doing a disservice to both you AND your business. 

Join me and learn how to harness your innate creativity and those multitudes you contain in a way that actually gets you what you want in your business. 

Streamlining your strategy.

One of the very worst feelings as an entrepreneur is doing a lot of very hard work, and still having things go to shit. Or not take off. Or just sort of … clunk along. I can fix that 🙂 

In this intensive, we’ll take a look at your needs, the needs of your business (and team if you have one!) and your strategy, and get all three of those things playing nice together so all that hard work can finally (finally!) pay off.

Solving the impossible.

What’s your unsolvable problem? We all have these things that just plague us throughout our business. And no matter what you’ve tried, you just keep finding yourself back in the same knot. 

Let’s fix that, and end your frustration for good! Whether it's trying to get a tech stack that actually fits your work or getting all the little things that are holding you back. We'll get them sorted.

If you ever need a different way of looking at your business, a whiz at tech who helps you find just the right combo for you, and someone who really wants you to succeed, Jonathan is your person.
Lisa Wechtenhiser
Master Channel

... all with an actionable, actually-gonna-do-it-because-it's-tailored-to-suit-your-deepest-psychological-needs plan, of course.

That's what I do in my Simplicity VIP Days.

If you're anything like me, you've got “too many things” to do.

You have an abundance of ideas, tasks to complete, ideas to work through and a task list to complete and that's the things you've written down. 

In your head… there are hundreds more… whether you're on the loo, or taking a walk. Things. never. stop…

Because, TBH … your business needs it. You need it. And why bother spending a year+ on coaching and implementation work when we can just knock it out in a morning?

What it's like to work with me...

Message 1:

“Hahaha – it is perfect for right now. I didn't need to suddenly sign up for notion. I just needed whatever was perfect enough to get my tasks done today – because they're just tasks!”

Omg have I evolved?!

Message 2: Oh wait I haven't evolved. I've just accepted my brain and myself.

Here's How It Works...

You join me on zoom or in person. We work for 3 hours. You walk away with your very biggest business problem solved.

Just like that…

Really Really…

We'll get deep into the pokey questions, so you can get exactly what you need to achieve what you want in our time together! 🙂

Jonathan has a profound effect on everyone he works with, myself included.
Illana Burk
Business Coach

That’s a big promise. Here’s why I know I can stand behind it.

I do this every day. As a systems consultant + strategist who works with some of the fastest-moving, most complex businesses online, I’ve helped hundreds of people make their businesses work because of their idiosyncrasies, rather than in spite of them.

Because here’s the not-secret secret: the best businesses are built to serve the people who run them, not the other way round. The human at the centre — that’s you, btw — matters more than anything else.

Unlike other coaches and consultants, I don't try to change you to fit my way of working. I change my way of working to fit your needs.

That’s what literally gets me up in the morning, it’s why I do what I do.

And I’d really like to do it with you.

So join me!

Virtual VIP Half Days

Let's get a system setup, a productivity problem fixed and release that feeling that you're doing something wrong all the time!

  • 3-hour intensive via Zoom or Voxer. (You bring your big problem, PJ's, and snacks. I’ll bring my big brain + even bigger heart!)
  • 3 months of Voxer support after. (So you basically have me in your pocket for ongoing coaching + implementation support for 90 days after our time together as you start stretching your wings with your new set-up.)
  • $950 Pay at once, or in instalments, over time. I really don’t care, I just want to do this with you!

What You Want

What You Have

What You Can Do

Interested? Yay! 

Got Questions… Even Yay-er…

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