Maintain Your Momentum Membership

Sometimes you just need answers.

Not a cohort based course.

Not a hot seat mastermind.

Not an hour consult call.

And definitely not 3 hours wasted down the Facebook rabbit hole.


You just need to be able to say..

“Hey, what should I do about _____?”
– You

And have someone come back to you and say…

“This. This is what you should do.”
– Me

Sound Good To You?


Maintain Your Momentum Membership

It’s me — Simplicity Specialist and generally smart, curious-about-everything guy — in your pocket.

For any burning questions you might have. Things about finding the right tech. Things about simplicity. Anything, really.

The conversation will just be between us, no mastermind hot-seat or waiting in a queue or whatever. And I’ll give you the full benefit of my expertise, and you’ll keep your momentum going and not get bogged down by random foolishness.

Some Questions You Can Ask...

“Jonathan, what app should I use for ...”
– Business Owner
“How do I make this app work with that app?
– My Dog?
“Do I need a CRM? And if so how do I make one?
– A CRM Needing Business Buddy
“I have a list of 80 things to do and I don’t know how to prioritise them. Help!”
– Struggling Business Brain
“What’s the most interesting book I could be reading right now?”
– A Book Nerdy Business Owner
“Do you have a Zap that allows me to do X?”
– A Happier Zapier Business Owner


You’ll have access to all sorts of lovely things that fall out of my brain…

Examples include:

  • Resources that people ask me for over and over again.

  • Access to my private client FB group where you can hang out with other agents of simplicity.

  • A growing private stash of “recipes” for running pretty much anything in your business.

So, come hang out with me...

Get your questions answered.

And let’s keep your momentum going!

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