All right, we’re getting close to the end now.

Can you feel the excitement, the slight overwhelm, and the literal rewiring of your neurons as you set aside the old misconceptions about doing business and start realising that actually, this whole thing can feel easy, given the right information and like, 3 guiding parameters?


We’ve rooted out misconceptions. We’ve got you set up in such a way that your nervous system isn’t going to hijack your efforts.


Now let’s talk business building.


(Side note: this is where most people start this whole process. They skip over everything we’ve talked about so far, and try to just cram pre-built systems and business plans on top of all the … ick … and confusion … and void we’ve just got rid of. Madness.)


So how do you take all of this stuff you’re finding out about yourself and make it into, you know, a business?


It’s all about turning the information, wants, and facts of who you are into your own little world that you run.


And the short answer of how you do that?


You experiment.


You take things you think could work, trust yourself, and try it. 


That’s why you could never try to sell this “system” in a Facebook ad. It’s hard. It takes time. It takes commitment. And it takes the willingness and ability to look at what's happening with non-judgment and discernment. 


And this process never stops, for as long as you’re in business! (Yay!) 


It all starts with tapping into two levels of awareness.




A huge element of my business philosophy and grounding is Gestalt psychology, which is in its most basic form, the practice of becoming ever-more yourself in service of building your capacity, amplifying your happiness, and self-actualizing throughout your life.


One big part of Gestalt is these two levels of awareness, directed awareness and undirected awareness.


Directed awareness this is the kind we all like. It’s when you’re focused on something. You want to do this, achieve that, etc. etc. 


Undirected awarenessthe kind we entrepreneurs tend to get super uncomfortable with. It’s radical presence. You’re just there, just in the moment. You follow rabbit holes, shift your awareness from one thing to the other without judgment, without fear, without trying to rein yourself back in.


Most people hate this.


Because, much like we’re evolutionarily tuned to not like voids, we also don’t like confusion and uncertainty.


We’d much rather just do, do, do, spend all our time in directed awareness, and rush ahead to the next thing, because to do otherwise feels “lazy” or “scary” or like we’re “wasting time we don’t have”, and all those things.


But here’s the thing.


To ignore undirected awareness in service of total directed awareness is limiting, stressful, and ultimately boring. It will keep you small. It will make it so you never really see what’s going on with yourself. And it will hamper your progress.


The best analogy I’ve ever heard for this is that of flowers in a garden.


You don’t just cram bulb after bulb after bulb into the dirt and expect to get a whole bunch of flowers.


You have to have the appropriate balance between bulbs and dirt, action and rest.


This feels like the absolute worst thing in the world when you first start doing it. 


But it will absolutely change your life.


And as you start doing it, you’ll start finding the balance between directed and undirected. When things start coming into your consciousness, into your business, you can start practicing directing your awareness in short, small experiments.


“I wonder what would happen if … “


“How does XYZ work for me?”


Again, you’re going to try to avoid this like the plague. Because most entrepreneurs just want to go, go, go! Mobilize fast, launch fast, fail fast, fucking hustle!


Doing that is a surefire way to run yourself right into a wall though. And if you keep doing it, you’ll never move beyond where you are now.


Building in that final element, that balance between directed and undirected awareness, is what truly helps you develop that understanding of HOW you work, WHAT you’re doing, and WHERE you are at any given moment.


It takes time. It takes practice. But you’ll get better at it every single time you do it. Before you know it, it’s not “this thing you go” but rather, a part of how you do everything.

By the end of our time together here, you’re not only going to understand why business advice is the LAST thing you need when it comes to running a beautiful, elegant business that feels like a seamless extension of yourself… you’re also going to know…


  1. What you actually need
  2. Why it's not something anybody can cram into a course and
  3. How to actually go about getting it.

And when that happens …


Everything changes.


You have the capacity to do whatever you want and the discernment to know what you want to do.


You have the quiet confidence that sees you through anything in your business, and a core sense of what really matters that makes decision-making easy.


All that frizzy little wasted energy that you’re constantly putting off right now stops being wasted. You’re focused, and powerful.


You respond to things instead of reacting, and you can easily tell what the real problems are, and how to distinguish between them and the fake problems people use to try to sell you stuff.


You inhabit the anti-niche — your “niche” is you, and your work, and the exact right people can’t get enough of you.


And, best of all, you know yourself, and where you are, right now. You know the facts of you, and the facts of your business, and you know exactly what you can and ought to do with them.


Let me say this.


Business is hard. 


You want to put as many chips in your favour as you can. 


And this is a huge chip. It lets you slip into flow, it's what lets you be a leader, it's what lets you show up, it’s what lets you have all the things that really matter.


















I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, want that for each and every one of you.


Because ultimately, whether you move onto the next stage of things here, or whether you click away and never think of me again, it doesn’t matter.


What does matter is that you’re out there, doing your work, your way.


We have an astonishing opportunity to change all our lives, individually, and collectively, for the better, using this medium of business.


And that’s what I really care about.


If you care about that too, then I’m going to help you get there.


There are many hard decisions in life.


But this is not one of them.


Join me, and let’s make things better. 


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So you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far… ohhhh, we’re just getting started. 

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