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For individuals looking for solutions as unique as them.

I've been searching for ages for a good way to describe why I do what I do the way I do it then I discovered “Bio-individuality”. It summed it all up for me.

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Season 2: Neurospicy Sessions

This season is all about short, sharp episodes that are all about starting from you, from the viewpoint of neurodiversity & business owners who are tired of following other peoples work!

Your Systems Are A Safety Net!

A system is not something that needs to fix you or make you better. A system is a safety net. In a previous episode, I redefined systems as a series of components that work together

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Productivity is Personal

Productivity is 100% personal. As I mentioned in a previous episode, productivity is about being in service to lead/show up in the way that works for you! How that looks is different to each person

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Redefining Productivity

If you're feeling guilty about your productivity, you're not alone. There is an obsession with being hyper-productive and getting more done. However, productivity is about more than just completing tasks. It's about developing and leading yourself in the direction you want to go. The key is to find a way of working that is in service to the best possible version of you.

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Redefining Systems

I often talk about systems when I meet with different people. It is a popular topic among business owners who want to scale. But what actually is a system? Although there are multiple definitions of

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Simplicity isn't Static

Yesterday, I spoke about redefining simplicity about how simplicity isn't about less or more. It's about finding enough in the context you're in. A lot of the work I do for clients is about bringing

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Season 1: Working Well In Business!

In the first season, I introduce the ideas behind working well in business. 10+ minute episodes that dive into what's going on in Jonathan's brain as he navigates working well in business!

Procrastination is a Message!

Procrastination is often seen as this terrible thing that needs fixing… but what if it isn't… In this episode I explore the alternative, where we view procrastination as a message vs a “bad thing” we

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Creating Your Foundations

Yes, having business foundations are important – but that doesn't mean you have to follow a certain way of working! Create your own foundations ? Episode Link: {{d-episode-link}} Share with Others: {{d-show-listen-link}} {{where-to-find-me}} {{snippet-1}}

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The Slow Process

I love Amazon next day delivery (still haven't got same day yet) as much as the next person! But when it comes to starting from you… I enjoy the slower process! (it's far more powerful!)

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Your Brain isn't a Computer…

Now I love me computers… but are our brains like a computer? Eh… not so much! Episode Link: {{d-episode-link}} Share with Others: {{d-show-listen-link}} {{where-to-find-me}} {{snippet-1}}

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