How Are You Wired To Work?

The greatest system in the world is absolute rubbish if it’s not a fit for you and the way you work. My work always, always starts with figuring out who you are, and what you need to do your best work.

What does "being productive" actually mean?

The word productive comes from the latin productif meaning serving to produce.

This in itself makes sense, but what about the word produce? The word produce means “bringing forth”. When I first discovered this I got a tiny bit giddy, but it makes perfect sense to be productive is in service to bringing forth (or leading) and the cool thing about this is…

There is no one way to be productive. (because we're all bringing forth something different!) and this quiz can give you a guideline on how to get started.

Introducing The Way You Work Traits

You are made up of different traits that support your productivity. When you use these traits when trying to finish your task lists or when getting organised. It helps you to be really clear on what you need to create a system that fits you, and allows you to be productive in your own way.

Perfectionist Overperformer

You have a high threshold for quality and has a clear idea on what they want from their system (just sometimes gets caught up in the details).

Commited Creative

You are a creative powerhouse, you think outside the box and once you fully embrace your creative needs and you come up with ideas that few others would dare to.

Pondering Rebel

You don't need me to tell you what you are. You are strong in your own way of working, and are a natural leader who follows their own way of working and the change you create is revolutionary.

Generative Producer

You've got a body of work that has taken on a life of its own. Your team is supporting you to achieve everything you want and together you are the closest to a system that suits you.

Controlled Minimalist

You work well in a minimal environment, the less you have to see the faster you work. You boil things down to only what you need and having a singular focus guides each step you take.

Continual Optimiser

Flexibility is the name of the game for you. You enjoy getting down and dirty with the details, and finding the best path that fits your working style. Small and consistent tweaks support your needs and that can come from a wide or small range. 

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