Your Productivity Personality Is...

Commited Creative

Your mind is built for creation. Ideas just flow out of you, you've probably got stacks of notebooks sitting around just full of things you could do. But while you can ideate all day, when it comes to actually bringing those ideas into reality … you struggle.

However, chances are...

It might show up in you as procrastination, or as shiny object syndrome, where you can never stick with an idea long enough to see it through. Or you may find yourself working really, really hard … but you're not sure if it's actually on the right things or the wrong ones. Or, if we get into some deeper waters, you might even have a deep-seated self-doubt about your ability, because after all, you're a “creative” — you just can't work according to a system, right?

Here's how I know...

You're really good at what you do, and put you in the middle of a task or a system, and you shine. But if left to your own devices, you'll tend to go round in circles. (And then beat yourself up for doing that.)

It drives you crazy to hear people say things like, “Just create a nurture campaign” or “Do a business strategy!” because you're very willing … but nobody tells you how.


And so all those lovely projects keep living in your head, instead of out in the world where they belong.

What I Recommend

I won't tell you how to fix your system right here, because effective systems start from you. But I can give you some tips that tend to work for people of your creative nature.

And As You're Thinking About Your System...

So now what?

Got An Impossible Problem?