Your Productivity Personality Is...

Continual Optimiser

As a continual optimiser; you're not looking for a “final answer”, you're looking to evolve your system over time. You've got confidence in the way you work; and your focus is now on really putting the icing on the cake!

But That's Not All The Story...

As a continual optimiser – you've got a grasp of your systems; or you're in the process of developing what works! However there are other aspects of your profile that affect the way you work! Refer back to your profile breakdown, and you'll see your top three!

Look at your secondary profiles, and read below! 🙂


Here's how I know...

You are incredibly adaptable in your business! Your systems pivot and move with you and your evolving needs. If you're early in your business it means that being nimble allows you to adapt to the changing needs. If you're more established, you understand that the way you work is fluid and doesn't stay fixed!


What I Recommend

I won't tell you how to fix your system right here, because effective systems are individualised extensions of your self and your business. But I can give you some tips that tend to work for business owners with similar traits! 🙂

So now what?

Resources For The Way You Work as a Continual Optimiser...

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