Your Productivity Personality Is...

Perfectionist Overperformer

You work darn hard. Your hard work has gotten you so far in your work and your attention to details helps you to constantly deliver high-quality work and your clients are always talking about how fast, and amazing you are.

However, chances are...

You have 100's of plans, and ideas that you're ready to implement if only you could get 5 goddamn minutes to actually get it done. You're constantly putting out fires that often you end up causing yourself because you won't let go and let your team support you. You have lofty goals and ambitions that you could very easily achieve if you had a system that supported you in getting out of your own way and soothes that fear that you are the only one who can do all the things, and that if you take your attention off of something for a second, everything could fall apart. (Even if you know, logically, it won't.)

Here's how I know...

You create hundreds of plans, but you struggle to execute on them, especially if a small detail doesn't “fit.” So you try to brute force the solution because, let's face it, you're really smart. But you feel like your attention is pulled in so many different directions, you can never enjoy the full benefit of all those smarts. You end up jumping between 100's of things at the same time and then get pulled away when a team member asks one small question and you just think… screw it, It's faster to do it myself. You understand the benefit of resilient SOP's but you struggle to create them yourself and you're hesitant to trust an outside eye, because nobody knows the business like you do.

What I Recommend

I won't tell you how to fix your system right here, because effective systems are individualised extensions of your self and your business. But I can give you some tips that tend to work for people of your Perfectionist type.

And As You're Thinking About Your System...

Now that we've gotten to know each other a bit...

Hi. I'm Jonathan. I help frustrated fast-thinkers whose businesses can’t keep up with their brains –– like you — design the systems and support you need to build a business that’s a joy to run, so you can work AND do other things (without sacrificing anything!)

So now what?

Resources For The Way You Work as a Perfectionist Overperformer...

Inertia vs Executive Dysfunction

As an autistic business owner, I've struggled with the inertia that comes with starting and finishing tasks. The concept of “executive dysfunction” never sat well with me, as it felt negative and worked against my philosophy. Instead, I prefer to work with my inertia, finding tools and strategies that help me get started and finish projects. One of those tools was Notion, which initially helped me understand how I work. I recently came across the idea of “autistic inertia” and “monotropism” which resonated with me, as it focuses on momentum carrying our thoughts forward. In this article, I discuss my journey with inertia, productivity tools, and how I navigate the challenges of running a business with these insights.

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Navigating Change as a Neurodiverse Business Owner

Change is hard. We all know that. Whether it's a change in our personal or professional life, transitions can be challenging, anxiety-provoking, and sometimes overwhelming. But what if there was a way to make it easier? What if there was a way to navigate change with ease and efficiency? That's where Transitional Systems come in.

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Redefining Productivity

If you're feeling guilty about your productivity, you're not alone. There is an obsession with being hyper-productive and getting more done. However, productivity is about more than just completing tasks. It's about developing and leading yourself in the direction you want to go. The key is to find a way of working that is in service to the best possible version of you.

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Redefining Systems

I often talk about systems when I meet with different people. It is a popular topic among business owners who want to scale. But what

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