Your Productivity Personality Is...

Generative Producer

You've built the business, you have a team, you've got content for days, and you can fill a sales funnel but something isn't quite fitting together.

And yet...

You're never really 100% sure exactly what everyone is doing in your business. The management side of things feels like you're herding cats. And while you have systems in place, they've sort of grown up over time, and are all patchwork and safety pins. Or, you keep creating systems that work for you, and trying to get your team to play along — and they're ignoring you or working around your system. 

Here's how I know...

You go through teams, always looking for the “right fit” (when really what you need is a system that's robust enough to work with whatever team you put in it.)

You've got loads of content just sitting there from your podcast, book, or courses, and need some way to creatively and reliably get it out into the world so you can capitalise on it for impact and income.


And you know the value of a good system — you just haven't met anyone yet who can keep up with the complexities of your business long enough to design one.

What I Recommend

I won't tell you how to fix your system right here, because effective systems are individualised extensions of your self and your business. But I can give you some tips that tend to work for business owners of your size.

And As You're Thinking About Your System...

Now that we've gotten to know each other a bit...

Hi. I'm Jonathan. And I help some of the most fast-moving, complex businesses turn their IP and relationship capital into seamless, thriving organisations that work with you, rather than requiring you to constantly spin plates to keep them running.

If you've gotten this far, I know you're busy; I know I can help you.

Let's have a chat…

Resources For The Way You Work as a Generative Producer...

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