Your Productivity Personality Is...

Pondering Rebel

Your powerful voice makes you a leader, you are not afraid to stand against what you feel is wrong and are strong willed and can do an awful lot with little help. You attract and acknowledge those who normally don't have voices and you truly help them to grow.

However, chances are...

You are staunchly independent and freaking proud of it. You don't need to record all your goals and plans down because you focus in on the moment you're in and it works.

You know your shit, and aren't bothered by anything else. Your boundaries are solid and you know and respect your own limits. You don't see any fires, because you do what you know and that's golden for you


You find systems overrated and just far more effort than it's worth, it might make your business grow faster, or be better for your team. But it takes to much effort to do so,

Here's how I know...

When trouble hits, you look back to what works before. You might use tools that are classed as “antiquated” but honestly don't fix what isn't broken. You don't need to brute force solutions because you're able to use what you already know to create a better solution. The way you work isn't the most efficient but that doesn't matter because they work. Your mantra of don't fix what ain't broken has kept you in business so why change now?!


You can see the benefit of a “customised system” but you don't feel the need to worry about it right now – as you've got other things to do!

What I Recommend

I won't tell you how to fix your system right here, because effective systems are individualised extensions of your self and your business. But I can give you some tips that tend to work for people of your Perfectionist type.

And As You're Thinking About Your System...

So now what?

Got An Impossible Problem?