Why I Use Right Message Even Though I’m Not In Their Target Market

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Right Message is a tool to support experienced marketers with larger lists to create Personalised Marketing Funnels and segments and sync it with your email marketing platform. So why am I, with my great big list of 200 using it?

There's gonna be affiliate links in this post which means I receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. However, at the bottom I specify who it's a good fit for & I wouldn't recommend something I've not tested or used personally!

Right Message is a power-tool providing small business owners a way to personalise their CTA's and messaging at scale, in a way that feels like you're communicating directly with them & supporting them.

I've been in business nearly 10 years – and I hated all forms of marketing. I dislike generalised advice, and people who follow generalised advice end up feeling like they've not got what they needed.

The reason why I use Right Message is because I like to meet my clients where they are, and help them get to where they wanna be.

I'm building a brand around the “Bio-Individuality of Business” and yet when people joined the email list they get the same emails… how crummy is that?

Right Message helps me to personalise what I'm saying to each of the audiences I work with when someone signs up – they answer a couple of questions, and that info is stored into ConvertKit.

From there I can send specific emails to support their needs directly.

Does their business feel like it's on fire – well here's a way of putting out those fires, depending on what business you have, & how to move beyond the fires…

This is all done via emails I send, with incredibly actionable nerdy shit that helps people actually progress.

By meeting people where they are right now I'm able to deepen the relationship and to put it bluntly – if I can help them via an email, what can I do when I'm actually talking to them…

However – not everyone should use it. Right Message is marketed to experienced marketers and although not an “experienced marketer” I know my audience & what they need… I understand what is needed for people who are struggling with specific problems – and I can provide specific advice & lead them to the results they want.

My list is v. small but for me specificity is key for simplicity – it's worth the $79/m to really understand & support my audience and even better – as I grow my audience and get data on what's actually affecting them – I can adapt my content & offers at scale…

Quick Glance Summary

There are very bad tools, it's just they don't suit what you need. This mini-summary is focused on telling you who its for, not what the features do! 🙂

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Why I Use Right Message Even Though I’m Not In Their Target Market?

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