Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Less…

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Simplicity is often seen as doing less things or taking things away for you to do! It's not quite right! This blog was originally an episode of the Neurospicy Podcast!

 What is simplicity?

Simplicity is often seen as doing less things.

A quote I heard recently defined simplicity as eliminating the unnecessary. Now, although on the surface, that sort of makes sense. It's missing a little context and I don't think it's entirely accurate.

To me, simplicity is all about having enough.

It's about showing up in a way that's sustainable to you. It's about making your business fit your brain. Simplicity is about not too much, but also not too little. If you have too much, it's overwhelming. If you have too little it lacks nuance. And you risk missing the tiny details that can really make a difference in the day-to-day running of your business.

Simplicity is about having enough. The right amount that fits you

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Simplicity Doesn’t Mean Less…?

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