Introducing Season 2 of the Podcast!

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Introducing Season 2 of my Podcast!

 A lot of business advice is predicated on fitting yourself into tiny little boxes.

Designed to help you stay “organised” and force you to work in a certain way in the hope that you will achieve more or do more and we put ourselves into these boxes that say, this is the way we work. This is who we are!

But often they're missing something really important. And that is context.

There are so many things that are demanding our attention in the business world. Things we should be constantly doing that are drawing us away from what actually works for us.

Now as a neurodiverse business owner common business and productivity advice just isn't working anymore.

The idea that you can force yourself into working in a certain way. It's exhausting!

But what if you could use the way that you naturally worked. And that could help you to stay organized. What if. You aren't broken. What if there's nothing actually wrong with you? What if it's about finding what works for you?

That is what this podcast mini-series is about every day for the next 30 days. I'll be talking about everything from business to productivity, to systems and all of the little pieces in between all with the question of what it looks like to actually start from you. Each episode is designed to be under five minutes and I'm hoping we'll prompt you just to take a minute to consider what's possible by starting from you.  

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Introducing Season 2 of the Podcast!?

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