What Would It Look Like...

Starting From You...

You've built a business that works... but it doesn't quite feel right!

You've followed the advice, tried setting up automations, created a signature program (or lots of little things), and followed what others have suggested, and yet you feel…


You've done the hard work of setting up your business, but now it feels… a stranger.

Constantly "Busy"

You're spending more time “managing” your business vs working in your business!

Chasing Something

A never ending to-do list. The list of tools you need to setup/fix get working…

You just wanna know what the fuck to do next...

You're looking for a signpost to help you navigate through all the business/marketing advice, build trust in the way that you work, and feel the excitement that you used to feel about your business!

You're looking for…


You wake, and know exactly what you gotta work on each and every day!

Do Less!

You're always doing things, trying to figure out the “best way” and constantly battling yourself!

A Clear Plan!

You are doing what you need to get done, without feeling overwhelmed!

My business used to be a chaotic mess... About 2 years ago I worked with Jonathan to untangle the mess and he created a Worditude Workspace which beautifully worked with the way I think and how my life works. (...and she still uses it now!)

Basically to get back that motivation you had when you first started your business, that mojo and feeling of calm!

You're looking for a way to move forward, that doesn't feel like going through the motions, and robotic,  but feel like every single thing you're doing is moving you forward!

No Cookie Cutters In Sight...


I'm not interested in forcing you to follow a particular system, in fact I'm more interested in following yours!

I don't know everything, nor do I want to!

You are the expert in your business, and I'm your guide in helping you figure out the way YOU wanna work!

Together we'll bring out the context YOU need to create a system that fits YOUR brain! No matter how you work 😄

My Secret Plan: To get you to fire me, because you don't need my help anymore!

Jonathan Stewart is an incredibly inventive, creative, and empathetic ally — and someone that you absolutely need if you want to make your business work for you, instead of the other way around.
Rachel Allen

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Do you only work with Neurodiverse Business Owners?

Labels are useful until they are not. I'm not gonna refuse to work with people who don't identify with the label or aren't diagnosed.

However, as someone with Autism, Anxiety & Depression it's a big part of how I coach, consult and work with my clients. 

I move around a lot, I might interrupt in excitement when I see patterns that I wanna share with you. I'll be upfront with you, and expect the same from you! 🙂

I don't see a price... How much does it cost to work with you?

I'm offering a limited number of beta spaces for my new 1:1 program message me here or my IG here for details! ($395 a month for 6 months)!

That's not very much... why are you so cheap?

I am hounded by coaches, telling me I'm not charging enough, and I'm worth a lot more.

Honestly, I'm more interested in making this a no brainer for you, to start from you!

Get what you need to build your business, and make more money! (then you can pay it forward for others!)

That's faar to much... can't I just hire a VA to do this all for me?

Yup. you can… and I'm more expensive because I'm not a VA!

A virtual assistant works with you, now you can get some pretty magical ones who are amazing, but often they are overworked, and are just looking to do something quick, and easy!

They charge so little, because they've got a volume of clients!

I don't want a large volume of clients.

I want to work with a select few, who really wanna work with themselves, who want consistency and sustainability on their own terms, not on the terms of some person who's only able to be in their business 1/4 of the time!

You are the only constant in your business! If you know the way you work, and how to leverage that… no matter what happens you'll have a way to work that fits you!

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