Simplicity isn’t Static

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart

Yesterday, I spoke about redefining simplicity about how simplicity isn't about less or more. It's about finding enough in the context you're in.

A lot of the work I do for clients is about bringing more simplicity into their business.  It's about finding solutions that reduce the overwhelm,  but what happens when the overwhelm is gone? And you're left with something that no longer suits the environment that you're in. For example, you can purchase a template and it will reduce overwhelm if it is a good template for a time. But once you get used to the template and the environment changes and you're looking for a little bit more. You'll no longer feeling that overwhelm of oh my gosh there's too many things to do.

It becomes over-simplified. There is less nuance or context that you can use. Your system never needs to be done because it assumes that there is an endpoint. Simplicity Isn't static. Now that doesn't mean you have to rebuild everything once a month, but it's important to make sure that the way that you work and what tools you're using are always fitting your needs.

We are bombarded by hundreds of things every day, telling us how to behave and we're told to stick to just one single way of working all the time, even when it's no longer serving this. This can range from everything from the tech we use to the offers we're providing. All of them based on something we were told to do. Instead of spinning in the spot, hoping to get out of the mud of all the things that you built in the past. Start from you.

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