Almost every single interaction we have in this world — from business advice to systems design to the way we look at ourselves in the mirror— is predicated on the simple idea that you are broken.

We’re taught to manage ourselves, brand ourselves, cut off the bits of ourselves that don’t quite fit in, and lifehack our way into perfection.

I can’t.

I am, for better or worse, terminally different.

And here’s the secret … so are you!

This is good news. Because the key to doing creative, innovative, truly life-fulfilling work comes from you.

All of you. The good bits, the “bad” bits.

It’s only when you can learn to tap into your whole self, and work from that reality, that possibility truly opens up — in your life and in your business.

So if you want to do something different … something new … something that really and truly actually changes the world.

You have to learn to start with you.

As a systems expert, hyper-nerd, and performer I’ve taught and spoken to audiences of all sizes, and have worked with everyone from architects to doulas to entrepreneurs to genealogists — and I’d love to give your organisation a keynote to remember.

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Starting from You

We live in a paradox: to stand out, you must be different, but not too different. Or you don't fit in. You must be different enough.

But here’s the thing: life is getting infinitely more complex by the second. From the workspace to our home lives, everything is ambiguous, disrupted, and difficult.

Our options for being anything other than completely, wholly yourself are looking grimmer by the minute.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

We have an enormous opportunity for change, for making the world a better place, for solving all these deep, thorny issues we’re all wrestling with.

And it all comes back to cultivating the ability to be your whole self. Not just the bits of you that are convenient. Not just the parts you like.

It's learning to succeed and make world-changing shifts because of your quirks, not in spite of them.

And that’s exactly what this keynote is about.

Part talk, part show. Incredibly interactive, and deeply inspiring, it’ll leave your audience fired up about bringing all of their multi-potentiate humanity to the table, and confident with the tools and techniques they need to actually make that happen.

Moving Away from a Baseline of Broken

We’re living in a world of extraordinarily complex problems. Things feel chaotic and frightening on a systemic level, and challenging, at best, on an individual level.

This is all based on a commitment to the idea of things being “broken”.

In fact, you think you're broken.

There is a multi-billion dollar industry predicated on this. In fact, every single piece of business advice or life advice ever is “Here's how to solve your problem of being broken”.

We can solve our most challenging issues.

But we can’t do it if we’re wasting all our time trying to manage some imaginary “broken”ness. We can’t fix the big problems by managing the small problems.

Instead, we need to come at this from a completely different approach: realising that the things that we see as “broken” in ourselves are actually just facts. And, if we can accept them as part of the fullness of ourselves, they can actually become building blocks that are just as useful as your “best” qualities.

In this interactive and inspiring keynote, I’ll completely shift the way your audience sees themselves, and the world — and together, we’ll move away from the baseline of broken and unlock your full problem-solving potential.

Designing Beautiful Systems

As a systems designer I developed a reputation for being able to work with the most chaotic businesses and complex clients.

My secret? Following the human.

People think of systems as something external, something to be imposed upon the people using them.

And I mean sure … if you want a bad system.

But truly great systems, the ones that actually do what they’re meant to do, they’re fundamentally human — which is to say, idiosyncratic, creative, innovative, and beautiful.

In this highly interactive workshop, I’ll walk your participants through the basics of designing beautiful systems, and together, we’ll put these practices into action so by the time they leave, they’ve actually got hands-on experience when it comes to building the kinds of systems that last.

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