Stop Creating Systems – Start Doing Things.

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
It's easy to get caught up with planning, creating, adapting and changing our systems. This post explores that.

We often ask about other people's systems and then use them as our own. We talk about someone else's systems as if it's this… elusive thing that only certain people can do and others just have to suffer through without it as lowly mortals.
As I've explained before, a system is just “what you do” – and to figure out what we do – we need to do things!
A common question I get asked is how do I create my system for X. My first question is…

Well, what do you do now?

The best way to come up with a system for something is to do something. I can provide 100’s of different ways of doing things, but you need to try things first to discover what you do.

If you need inspiration on the process (the actions you need to take to do the thing) sure look around and see what others are doing – however don’t rely on them as the one-truth.

If your system isn't working, check to see if you're trying to force the way you do things to fit a certain view or based in on how someone else does things.

Your system is how you do things… if it’s not working, think about what you actually do, often it’s not wrong – because guess what your system isn’t ever wrong, it’s just leading you in a different direction.

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