The Time I Didn’t Record a 10 Minute Onboarding Video

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
It's easy to think there's one way of working. It's also easy to believe that one way is the only way. I thought I'd share a time I worked slightly differently and how much better it worked for the client.

“Can you record a quick onboarding video? They’re struggling with what you setup, I get it but they aren’t sure.”
When working with solo business owners, the systems are all designed around them and how they work. However, with contractors there are other considerations.
Everyone works differently.
From what I know of the corporate world, someone trains everyone to follow a system. One way of working designed for peak efficiency. Problem is business owners are not corporations. There are individuals working on the business together, each with different strengths.

When working with a small business – it’s important to think about the individuals.
If tweaking a system makes things work better, for everyone involved; shouldn’t we focus on that instead of just training?
Until tools like Notion & ClickUp arrived, it was one way of working for everyone. But when you work with tools like Notion, if something isn’t working right for most people, then it’s better to fix the issue, rather than teach people to “learn through” the problem.
The changes are often small tweaks that fit more with the business owner.
The story above – the issue was what we focused on. After discussions, both the client and I thought that project based planning was best. However – after feedback from the contractors, the focus on projects for clients didn’t work. So we flipped it – we made the focus on clients not the work. This made things easier for everyone.

And the onboarding video… it was 2mins.? not 10.

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The Time I Didn’t Record a 10 Minute Onboarding Video?

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