Thinking vs Problem Solving vs Fire Fighting

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
When is the last time you thought in your business? This is a question I pose to my clients, and the responses are always interesting.

When is the last time you thought in your business?

As I work with clients of varying sizes I notice three distinct methods of “action” when they're working in their business they appear to be doing one of these three things.


I need to fix everything or business is going to crash and burn!

I need to fix this, get to inbox zero, finish my crazy long task list because otherwise my business will explode and turn into an utter mess. The instant replies to each message that comes in the inbox, text, voice message etc.

It's the need to do everything…to make it perfect. To put out all the fires…

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the thing you THINK, thinking is.

How can I improve the systems that are already working in my business? I need to figure out how to get more content out there, how to bring on a team, how can I do more of X so I can do less of Y. Let me create an SOP so that my team knows what they're doing.


This one is where the real magic happens. It's also normally really subtle.

It's where you sit back and think about your business instead of on your business and it's not triggered by a stimulus. It's taking the time to check in with yourself and your business and see if it's all still working the way you need it to.

It's about understanding where you are, where you've been and where you wanna go.

You don't write about it, you don't create a #buildinpublic post. It's a moment of personal reflection between you and your business..

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