Course Planner Toolkit

Want to create a course?
Don't know where to start?
Use this Course Planner Toolkit to guide you through the brainstorm & planning needed to create a killer course to transform your customers!



At least not with the kind of ease and flow that you'd like. So let's fix that.

The Course Planner Toolkit is the fastest and most supportive way to create your course and get your expertise out into the world.

I'm Jonathan, and I really, really hate things being more complicated than they need to be. And unfortunately, that's most peoples' experience when it comes to designing a course. You get the idea, and then everything bogs down into overwhelm and complexity. Been there. Seen it in a million other business owners. Super hate it.

So I fixed it.

The Course Planner Toolkit is designed to walk you gently and quickly through the process of creating your course from start to finish. You brainstorm, create and plan your course in 3 easy steps through one single app. Which of course saves you time and money, and you actually get to have your freakin course out there instead of sitting in a lonely google drive folder.

But Jonathan, how??

A combination of psychology, curriculum design smarts, and 20+ years of hyper-nerdism, distilled into 3 modules.

Together, we'll cover:

  • Planning & Brainstorming – Not sure what topic to create, or need to map out your audience. This is the section for you!
  • Curriculum Design – Sketch out your modules, your lessons and also any videos & images in one place!
  • Marketing & Automation – Marketing can be difficult, but it's important – Use this section to decide on the tools to use and how to market your business!
  • Video Production – Video is key for a decent course, which is why I've built my Video Production Planner right into the toolkit. You'll script, Plan & Record all in one place.


It really is that simple. And I really, really want you to use it. Because the truth is, we need your course. We need what you've got out here on the internet, and not stuck in your head or in the Google Folder of Lost Dreams.

So do your course — and yourself — the favor, get the Course Planner Toolkit, and let's get this stuff done!