Personal Business Hub

Get (and stay) organised with your own business dashboard so you can spend less time writing your to-do list and more time being productive.

Quick question for you … do you like BEING productive, or do you like FEELING busy?

I know. I know. We all want the first one.

And yet, so many business owners set up their businesses in ways that make them feel busy, even when they're doing so in the service of simplifying things and running efficiently.

I want to fix that.

As can you tell, I'm big on simplicity. And so when I see a business owner create some sort of byzantine system to keep themselves organised and in line, it makes my brain hurt.

And that's why I created the Personal Business Hub.

A beautifully simple, incredibly effective way to get and stay organised in your Notion business dashboard so you can spend less time writing your to-do list and more time admiring your to-done list 🙂

Get access here

It's the totally customisable offshoot of my Personal Productivity system, and it's designed specifically to make life easier for small business owners. (That's you.)

In it, you'll find:

  • Home Dashboard view your Day at a Glance. Don't think about what to do – just take action and get it done!
  • Meeting Tracker to make meeting notes effortless
  • Team HQ easily delegate tasks to team members so no need to loose your emails constantly.
  • Project Manager manage client projects & group together similar tasks for focused action taking instead of scrambling!
  • Task Manager to keep track of what to do and manage each task effectively, and distribute between a clear goal.


Each one is designed with exactly what you need (and nothing you don't), and is easy to tailor to the way your brain and business work.

So if you're ready to know exactly what you’re meant to be doing each day, no more holding everything in your head, or retrieving info from multiple apps, tools, notepads or pieces of scrap paper.

Get your business out of your head and onto your dashboard. You'll be so much better for it.

It's super easy to get started — just click here to access your Personal Business Hub!