Information For Networking Starter Systems Build

Hello lovely humans!

I can't wait to see you all on Wednesday, this is going to be awesome 😀

So, a couple of things to know:

(1) We're meeting in the lobby of the Moxy. You come in the door and look to your right — we'll be behind the fireplace.

(2) Bring something to create your system with. Phone, laptop, tablet, whatever. We'll be live-building your system, and you definitely want to have something to create it with.

(3) There's food, drinks, coffees, and teas available. Enjoy 🙂


Please make sure you're here AT LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFOREHAND. <- apologies for the shouty caps, but we will be starting right at 1pm, so if you want to get a coffee, say hi, etc, show up early.

I'll be down in the lobby from noon, so if you want to get extra gold stars and show up really early, I'll be there to hang with you.

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