What if there was another way?

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
We talk in absolutes - but what if there's an alternative?

In the world of “productivity,” and “systems” – Many talk in absolutes and often there's a focus on physical hard numbers. The hours I work, the time I spend, the output I have to reach, hello alphabet of productivity (KPIs, OKRs).
So when our systems aren’t working. We consider the answer to be a simple maths problem. How can I add more time? However, just like learning how to play the guitar it doesn't work like that…
Productivity isn't just a maths problem you must solve, and there isn't a single answer – it's not a 1+1 = 2. There is no one way to work and this can cause frustration, if we approach it from a linear one answer viewpoint.
Now with the influx of tools like Notion & Roam, people realise that 1+1 doesn't have to equal 2 with beautiful workspaces that inspire creativity. It's a new age of “productivity”. Where we don't just think laterally.
Two simple words have helped me design systems that work exactly the way I do..What if?
What if I tried it this way..?
What if I didn't have to just use a spreadsheet?
What if I could focus on what felt good in my business instead of always chasing efficiency?
These more creative/esoteric questions are ignored. Because often systems “make time.” AKA: how can I minus here, to plus here? Which just made me freaking miserable, as I was always competing with my time.
But instead of always thinking there's one answer, there's an alternative.
What if?.

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