Your nervous system has been hacked…by the wrong people

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Flow. It feels soo darn good. But what happens when you can't get INTO it? Is it time to burn down your business, start again?

Flow: it feels freaking amazing.

When you hit that much-revered flow state you feel effortlessly motivated, energised, joyful. You know exactly why you do the work you do. Your mind, your body, your emotions feel wonderfully in sync.

But what happens if you can’t remember the last time you felt it.

Do you start questioning EVERYTHING. Are you losing your touch? Are you not cut out for your chosen career after all? Are you burning out?

So here’s the good news: it’s none of the above.

It’s your nervous system.

Your nervous system has been hacked — by the wrong people.

Business can be hard, and terrifying, and hard some more. Most likely your amygdala, the part of your brain that initiates the stress response, is in overdrive: it’s pushing you into a near-permanent state of fight or flight. And it’s not best pleased about it.

So it looks around for something — anything — to make it feel better. Anything that’ll help fill the void caused by that feeling of “I don’t know what I’m doing here.” Anything that’ll nudge you back out of fight or flight mode.

And there are lots of places for it to look.

Its gaze might just land on that super expensive but super-amazing-sounding “Build a 6-figure business in 6 months” program or the website of that self-titled business “guru” that tells you if you “just do social media” the way he recommends, everything will fall into place. Your poor wee amygdala might clock that Facebook ad for an entrepreneur membership group that’s been plaguing your newsfeed and cling on to it as if it were the last turkey on the shelf on the 23rd December.

There’s truly no shortage of people out there ready and willing to help you calm your stressed out amygdala. No shortage of business “experts” who want to help you hack your nervous system and half the time they don't realise they're doing!

So you make your choice and immediately feel better. You’ve filled the void; you’ve told your amygdala that it can chill — you have a plan. Everything’s under control.

Until you actually start the program/initiate your new social media strategy/join the membership site. Because, as soon as you scratch the surface, your new plan just doesn’t feel like the right fit. It doesn’t feel…good.

So your amygdala ramps up again, and instead of the flow feeling you were searching for, your brain pushes you straight back into flight or fight mode. And the cycle continues as you subconsciously start searching for the next “expert” to help you hack your system.

And it’s a cycle you really want to break because all of those courses, programs, and strategies that just don’t feel right aren’t just holding your business back — they’re making you miserable (oh boy, have I been there.)

So here’s how you break the cycle:

You learn to trust that there’s only one person who can help you find that flow state you’re craving. Only one person who can ever help you hack your nervous system effectively.


The way you get into flow is by knowing about yourself. And not just the top layer of personality tests, or the time of day you do your best work.

It’s about finding out what makes your amygdala slide into chill mode and what makes it panic. It’s about finding your sweet spot between the challenges you’re facing and your skill level. It’s about figuring out the parameters that help you create your most amazing work.

It’s about making sure the only person hacking your nervous system is…you!

Want to dig deeper into this nerdy neuroscience stuff and how you can use it to run your business in a way that feels freaking amazing? I’m taking it all to the next level right here.

Until next time,


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Your nervous system has been hacked…by the wrong people?

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