Hustle vs Anti-Hustle Culture (A Rant)

This one is a tiny bit of a hot take, and based purely on my experience 😉

So take of it what you will 😁

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Jonathan Stewart:

Now my flavor of neuro spicy behavior often means I end up focusing on the hyper specific pieces of advice that's given in business always looking for the context and realizing that so much of it is just not helpful. A good example of this is hustle culture versus anti hustle, culture hustle, culture, which is often seen as the standard in the business base is the one where you say you got to optimize everything in every part of your day don't play video games. otherwise you're lazy, everything has to have a purpose and lead you to be the ultimate you, you could be. They're not allowed to have days off. You've got to push through and feel the burn. Now, obviously I am overemphasizing here and will be throughout. But I digress then you've got the opposite, the anti hustlers! They exist to oppose everything that hustle culture states! You shouldn't push yourself too hard. You shouldn't overwork. You should manage your energy. You should do only a couple of things at a time and anyone or anything that pushes against that are harming themselves and are part of insert, specific belief system that opposes everything they stand for. and they should get off your feed! Now. as an autistic business owner. This sucks because I'm actually looking at both sides of this and going way. Wait, what the actual fuck is going on. Do I work hard or do I not. If I work too hard, I'm burning myself out, which obviously I don't really want. But if I don't work, I can't pay the bills, which means I don't want that either to be quite honest. So I used to go from one extreme to the other. I beat myself up for focusing on a new launch and not spending time with my two children and resting. Then when I completely crash, because when I get into things, I go hard because I love what I do I ended up beating myself up for not taking enough time or spending one night a week playing D and D or my local board game club or spending an hour, God forbid an hour playing a video game where my kids. So if I hustle, I'm doing something wrong and then if I rest, I'm also doing something wrong. Now, for those who don't struggle with this specific neuro spiciness, the response is: well, that's not what they mean. Okay. So what do they mean? Because this is the entire point. This is why I find binary's so frustrating. And unfortunately, it's all that spoken about in the productivity world. Either don't hustle or don't rest him much. Now, if this resonates with you, you'll know what I mean. And if you don't I'll see you next episode! In the end. I realized what I needed. I needed to recognize my own patterns to start from me and to work with the reality of the situation I'm in! We are bombarded by people telling us how to work and how not to work. But it always lacks context and nuance and completely forgets the individual's experience and needs. When in doubt. Always start from you. Struggling to figure out what that means. Reach out to me at forward slash s f y

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