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I want every single business in the world to feel beautiful to work in. Not stressful. Not complex or brittle. Not duct-tape-and-safety-pinned together. And definitely not cookie-cutter.

Most systems and ops people provide advice and support based on “best practices” that work very, very well in some businesses and people, but are terrible for others. And if you can’t work with the system, well, that’s on you.

I’m the opposite.

I help people build businesses that are so custom-tailored to their wants, needs, personality, and life that they feel like a seamless extension of themselves.

What could you do if you weren’t tripping over issues all the time? Let’s find out

Work With Me

Are you an established business owner who has way to many things to do and not enough time to balance it all out. Let's work together and set it all up.

Simplicity Specialist VIP Days

If you want to make a big shift in a small amount of time. And you need it to actually matter — as in, it needs to make a tangible difference in your life and your business, both immediately and long-term. 

Simplicity Consulting

Most business owners teach you how to succeed in spite of your idiosyncrasies. I’ll teach you how to succeed because of them. The perfect blend of smarts and support for people who need a really good brain in their back pocket –– and a heart that’s just as invested in your success as you are.


A community of like-minded, good-hearted business owners just like you, talking, sharing, and getting very good systems advice from me … yes, please! Find out more here.

Do It Yourself

Not really sure where to start with “starting from you”. Need to put some tape over some issues & problems. Let me give you a hand so you can get back to stability!

Simplicity Specialist Podcast

Feel like no matter what you do, you're doing something wrong? Or you're looking to find unique solutions that fit you (instead of copying others).  Join me for weekly episodes below

The Simplicity Hub

Powerful toolkits & templates who's job is to make your business just that little bit easier.

Give yourself the space to find simplicity using these resources to give you a head start.

Starter System Workshops

You don’t need a complex system. You just need something that works.

Join me and create a starter system to get you up and running fast!

Done For You

Are you an established business owner who has way to many things to do and not enough time to balance it all out. My team and I will help sort things out.

Project-Based Work

I’ve worked with some of the weirdest and most brilliant brains in business to custom-tailor systems that suit their synapses — and in doing so, helped them create more ease, joy, free time, and, of course, revenue.


I want to do that for you too.

Notion Builds

Decided that Notion is for you, and you wanna work with me and my team to build a system in Notion that fits your unique quirks.

If you run a business and feel like you have a million apps managing (or not managing) a million things? Go hire Jonathan Stewart. I mean wow. 90 minute call with him walking us through a real dashboard for how things can flow? Holy crap Seriously, if you want to get your shit REALLY together? Go talk to him and give him all the monies.
Illana Burk
Business Coach

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