The Role of AI in Business

AI has had a lot of hate recently, but honestly… I think it does have a space to play, it'll never replace “human to human interaction” – but I think it can make things just that little bit easier for many of us!

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Jonathan Stewart:

There's been a rise of AI tools, such as Jasper that can write entire articles for blog posts and do quite a lot of things. Now I use AI tools in my work, and I've seen quite a lot of hate on how these tools are used. Usually with a little bit of virtue signaling to boot. Now without a doubt, human to human communication will always beat AI. That isn't really a question. No matter where we go in the next 10 years or so, or how good it becomes, it doesn't have the context or enough of the context that we as human beings do. But that doesn't mean we can't use the tools at our disposal. The tools are never the problem. It's the person using them and how you use them! The way that I use them is to write conclusions and intros to my work because in case it's not obvious. I'm a little bit verbose and getting me started on conversations. I just struggled to finish. I'm also someone who has ideas that spawn from other stuff. I write, for example, this episode spun out from something I spoke about in an entirely other podcasts where I spoke about automation, but I digress. I will probably return to automation in another episode. One of my personal traits means there are two parts of any task that I honestly really struggle with. One starting something and two finishing something. Because of the ideas that spawn off another, I can't really see the boundaries where something finishes and where something new starts. It means that my content can get long rambly. And I often end up repeating myself. Now, when I'm having conversations with people, I have some feedback back and forth, and I can see that and use that. But when it comes to creating content that is published without the actual one-to-one communication. Creating short summaries or respecting the time of you lovely humans. I need a way to have a nice tidy beginning and end. It doesn't require another person on the other side. To help with this I use AI. I generate a conclusion once I've written the vast majority of what I want to say but I don't just use it verbatim. I often use it as a prompt as a way to help me write a conclusion that sounds like me. I do the same with introductions or catchy titles, because, so help me creating catchy titles drives this context, driven human crazy. Chances are, if you ever got caught by a random post of mind, due to, a catchy title it's often because I based it on some AI generated title. Sure. It's not perfect and it needs a tweak, but it's a start. And often I can edit it to make it sound more like me. I just need somewhere to begin. AI's can't really replace humans but what it can do is support you to do the work you love while making things just a little bit easier. We all bombarded by hundreds of things we are expected to do. Each day and yet it feels like sometimes we're not able to do stuff that can help us because of the opinions of others. But sometimes it's about understanding what you want to do and are trying to achieve, instead of starting from the opinion of others. Start from you. Don't want to go in alone, reach out to me at simplicity dash forward slash s f y

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