Simplicity Intensive

Deep Dive Into Your Business & Find What Works

You Need...

To make a big shift in a small amount of time.

Something like, say…

  • Finally getting organised in your business and discovering what platforms actually suit you so you use your new system and don't come right back to the same issue in 18 months.

  • Get a rock-solid plan for what you want to do in your business next year.

  • Shifting that tricky block that's keeping your business stuck at the same level.

... all with an actionable, actually-gonna-do-it-because-it's-tailored-to-suit-your-deepest-psychological-needs plan, of course.

That's what I do in my Intensive Package.

Stage 1: The Intensives

Understand & Plan

We do 2x 90-120min calls. 

This gives me a chance to get to know you and your business so I can make specific, useful recommendations and plans.

What Happens On The Call?

Price: £1500 (or $2100USD)

Payment Plans Available (Same Link)

Stage 2: Async Implementation Coaching

Instead of asking in Facebook groups and getting generalised advice. You get support without having to know everything.

After your two intensive sessions you're enrolled into my Async Implementation Coaching where you can send me a voice, text, or video message once a week with anything you want support or feedback on. I'll follow up within 2 business days with a clear and actionable reply to help keep you moving. 

What type of things can I ask you about?

There's a lot you can ask me about, here's a few over-arching categories if you're not sure how you might use asynchronous coaching.

Strategy & Guidance

I have a speaking opportunity and I'm not sure it's a good one.

I think I have a great book idea...

Sounding board questions you'd ask a business partner.

Business Brainstorming

I don't know what I'm doing... and I need help!

Things aren't selling and I don't know why...

Questions you'd have to wait a month to ask your biz coach.

System Suggestions

ConvertKit or MailerLite? Which do I choose?

I want Notion to do this – how do I make it do that?

Questions you wish you could ask your system designer... but they're done now.

Invoiced monthly at £185 (or $250)

Three month minimum

So to recap.

We start with up to two two hour intensive, because context is key when it comes to getting real support in your business, and it's better to build an actual relationship rather than being given cookie-cutter advice that's generalised and not actually that helpful.

Cost of Intensives £1500 (or $2100USD) one time

Then you and I follow that up with 1-1 Async Implementation Coaching so you can take action on what we discussed and when brain-fog occurs you'll have someone at the end of the phone ready to help!

Cost of Ongoing Support: £185 (or $250) paid monthly

So you can take action on what we discussed and when brain-fog occurs you'll have someone at the end of the phone ready to help!

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