Get the Most Out of Your ChatGPT – The Right Prompts Make All the Difference

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
ChatGPT isn't a replacement for human intelligence. The content it generates is only as good as the prompts you feed it. To get the most out of it, you'll need to craft your questions in a way that provides context and specificity. Put in the effort to make sure it's clear what you want, and most of all: make sure your prompts are helpful and actionable. Clear, concise, and actionable prompts not only ensure that the content is actually useful, but they can also help kick-start the creative process!

I'm sure you've heard a lot lately about how ChatGPT is the NEXT BEST THING… but chances are you're not exactly sure how it actually works, or how to get results you ACTUALLY can use with it??

To be honest a lot of business owners teaching this stuff are just scratching the surface with ChatGPT.

They might be using it to write content but they don't really understand how to make it REALLY work for you!

Here's the thing: You gotta know that the quality of your questions (aka prompts) greatly affects the results you get from ChatGPT.

The more specific and descriptive your prompt, the better your results will be. And while ChatGPT does feels like magic sometimes..

It's still just a robot.

It needs YOUR context to be ACTUALLY useful to you!

For example:

If you're a social media person who's looking for ideas for content. You might ask it something like:

“Write me a social media post about being more visible online”?

Unfortunately this prompt isn't great! It lacks context and doesn't give ChatGPT enough direction on what the actually heck you want.

Unfortunately this is what's being taught unless you go into the super nerdy spaces ?

A “better” (but not perfect alternative) would be something like this:

“Write a social media post with 5 tips for small business owners to boost their online visibility and attract more customers. Make sure to focus on building relationships on social media and show up for your audience. Provide clear, concise, and actionable steps for each tip and include real-life examples to help your readers understand better.”

This prompt is slightly better because:

It's specific to small business owners, which gives ChatGPT the right context to work with.

It asks for clear, concise, and actionable steps with real-life examples, making the content ACTUALLY helpful.

It makes it clearer to ChatGPT what you actually want it to do ?

Now it'll still give pretty “generalised” advice, hence why I always suggest you go human first, with additional context… but that's another post ?

Also for a bit of a hot take here…

It's not 100% best used to generate content ?

It's so much better at giving suggestions, or generating ideas…

But if you ARE gonna use it to create content… use the advice above to at least make the information useable… and remember:

You are the expert in your business!

Learn the prompts I use in my business!

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT right now, but wouldn't it be cool to not just be shown prompts but actually learn how they work. I'm creating a monthly subscription where I share a prompt, but ALSO share why it works, with a full breakdown. So you can adapt it to suit your needs… and it's $9!

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Get the Most Out of Your ChatGPT – The Right Prompts Make All the Difference?

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