Most business advice is (very expensive) bull$hit. Here’s why….

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Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Business advice isn't inherently evil it's just very generalised & rather expensive BS...

Wouldn’t it be fucking WONDERFUL if someone could just tell you what to do?

Because you have a million and one ideas for your business. You’ve read eleventy billion “how to” articles. And you’ve listened to all of the “must listen” podcasts. In theory you’re now a bona fide expert in everything from list building to sales strategy.

But you feel like you’re literally making a billion decisions a second and you’re so knackered your brain just wants you to hunker down with a huge bag of Wotsits and watch Big Bang Theory reruns on repeat.

So yes, the thought of someone coming along and giving you an actual entrepreneurial road map that would show you exactly how to grow your business sounds pretty gosh darn appealing, right?

And marketers know this.

Which is why they’re all falling over themselves to sell you the aforementioned road maps, complete with step-by-step instructions for building ‘the 6-figure business of your dreams’.

But these road maps? Mostly they’re complete B.S.

Not because the folks selling them are trying to cheat you. Most of them are (I imagine) super lovely people who genuinely want to help.

The problem is they’re looking at running a business all wrong.

These people start out like the rest of us — a teensy bit clueless but ambitious and ready to learn. And they do learn. They figure out how to grow bigger and bigger audiences, how to create enticing products and packages, how to run their business efficiently, how to make 6-figures, consistently.

And they think they’ve cracked it. 

They think they’ve found the ONE way to build a successful business; the ONE foolproof method that’ll work for absolutely everyone. So they slap a hefty price tag onto their method and you whip out your credit card because, good God, you really do want that road map.

But here’s the thing they’re missing:

All people know — all people CAN know — is what works for them.

So the advice they’re selling is so super specific it’s only likely to work for magical unicorns that happen to share 90% of the road map creator’s characteristics. Or it’s so super general that it’s going to work for precisely no one.

Either way, you pay the big bucks, you follow the map, and then you beat yourself up when it doesn’t work for you.

So I’m here to tell you to stop beating yourself up. It’s not your fault that the road map isn’t working for you. You didn’t take a wrong turn.

It’s just that the map was never designed to take you where YOU want to go.

Yes, in business we can’t go it entirely alone. We all need help, we all need support. We need a map.

But generalised, one-size-fits-all advice isn’t going to cut it. Someone telling you what to do from the outside isn’t going to cut it.

You need someone telling you how to do it from the inside — and that person is you. 

Because when you work from the inside out, when you truly understand yourself, you can figure out:

  •       Which ‘foolproof’ advice will actually work for YOU and which is total rubbish.
  •       How YOU want to work and what YOU need to grow.
  •       What YOUR road map should look like…and where it needs to take you.

Figure that stuff out and everything else becomes a piece of piss. Figure that stuff out and you won’t NEED anyone else to tell you what to do…

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Most business advice is (very expensive) bull$hit. Here’s why….?

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